London, United Kingdom

Vi's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Vi

Business, Innovation and Advertising Strategist with experience in Apps, Retail, Ecommerce in all communications channels. (PR, Social Media, TV, Experiential, Digital)
If your start-up needs a plan of attack, is lacking in insight, has a dis-jointed and jumbled brand or just needs a bit more awareness, I can probably sort it.

I've worked at:

Traces - Content in location app business development and strategy.

Mother - Advertising agency, working on and Boots and a few others.

Cake & Arnold KLP - Social media, PR and experiential agency. Worked on Weetabix, Cineworld and many other.

Also worked in Nightclub/Venue management and ran my own music events company as a student.

Cambridge graduate (la-ti-daaaah)
1st class honors BA History of Art
Art school graduate
Foundation Degree from Chelsea School of Art

What I believe:
"If the emperor looks naked, the emperor probably is naked." - Daria Morghendorffer
If you aren't creating trouble, you're not creating anything new.
Experience = tried and tested ways of doing things = inability to entertain new ways of doing them better.