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Marketer, Business Developer

London, , United Kingdom


About Vi

Business, Innovation and Advertising Strategist with experience in Apps, Retail, Ecommerce in all communications channels. (PR, Social Media, TV, Experiential, Digital)
If your start-up needs a plan of attack, is lacking in insight, has a dis-jointed and jumbled brand or just needs a bit more awareness, I can probably sort it.

I've worked at:

Traces - Content in location app business development and strategy.

Mother - Advertising agency, working on and Boots and a few others.

Cake & Arnold KLP - Social media, PR and experiential agency. Worked on Weetabix, Cineworld and many other.

Also worked in Nightclub/Venue management and ran my own music events company as a student.

Cambridge graduate (la-ti-daaaah)
1st class honors BA History of Art
Art school graduate
Foundation Degree from Chelsea School of Art

What I believe:
"If the emperor looks naked, the emperor probably is naked." - Daria Morghendorffer
If you aren't creating trouble, you're not creating anything new.
Experience = tried and tested ways of doing things = inability to entertain new ways of doing them better.