Vicente Canal

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Vicente's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Vicente

I have more than 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. I have developed a model to replace the functionalities of a real estate agent with technology which would make the process of buying and selling a home commission free for the seller and the buyer.

I am looking for:
-Programmer/developer to be my technical cofounder
-Who would take 50% shares
-Who can bootstrap
-Who can build it before summer 2016

You would build a web prototype to present to investors to raise capital.
or you would build a web and mobile MVP and I will get paying customers right away.

My current stage:
-Model has been revised and improved with collaboration of mentors from MIT Enterprise Forum
-Business model has been validated
-Niche market has been identified and tested.
-Model would be profitable from day one
-Estimated revenue in the first year up to $1 Million (highly conservative estimation) by just capturing 1% of our niche market or 0.00002% of the nationwide market.
-Model is highly scalable nationwide.
-We have NO COMPETITION (but soon there would be)
-The concept was called 'The Uber of real estate' @ one startup event at MIT due to our potential of disrupting the real estate industry.

Lets have some coffee and chat.