Victor Huang

Redmond, Washington, US

Victor's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Victor

I joined as an advisor of my current enterprise software company 8 years when there was no revenue and no business model. In less than three months, I helped to clarify the company business model and we generated $500,000 in sales within the first year. Although we only started with $45,000 in founders equity, the business today generates more than $10M in sales a year, and we are still growing at triple digits a year. With the current company is mature enough so I can spend my time to start another venture.

We have already finished the prototype of our next business idea/product, so I am currently looking for someone who is looking to join us as a founder at this new venture to assist us on marketing, design and software development. We will be funding this new venture at this stage, there will be no need for angel or VC money. If you are a smart, driven individual looking to make a difference while have fun doing it, let's talk!