Victor Wang

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Victor

Older adults who are socially isolated/lonely suffer more rapid functional decline and are at higher risk for Alzheimer's, morbidity & mortality. Families often worry about their older home-bound loved ones who lack the means to connect with the world, and caregiving for a loved one can be a great burden, both emotionally and financially. Paid caregivers are very expensive, and even home care agencies struggle to control costs (esp. for dementia care) while seeking competitive differentiation.

The GeriJoy Companion addresses loneliness in seniors and increases peace of mind for families and caregivers. It is a tablet-based software service that takes the form of a lovable pet, supported by the intelligence of a team of live, 24/7 remote care staff. The Companion reacts realistically to petting/touch, and provides similar health benefits as pet therapy. It also shows family photos and talks with its owner about news, family, positive memories, etc., & keeps family/caregivers informed.

By 2015: Impact quality of life of 5,000 seniors/families (reduce social isolation/depression/stress, improve family relationships); total revenues of $4M mostly from home care agencies
By 2019: Impact QoL & health of 400,000 seniors/families; complete validation for improved clinical outcomes; annual revenues of $400M from B2B & B2C channels; become an industry leader in senior care, help advance policy to address caregiving crisis & est. GeriJoy Foundation to support underserved populations

USA has 45M family caregivers of seniors, 300k home care agencies. TAM $2B from subset (~4%) of family caregiver out-of-pocket expenses + $2B from senior care provider organizations ($10B

Victor Wang, CEO: MS (MIT), researched human-machine interaction for NASA; former army officer; taught Management in Engineering @ MIT; served as premier leader in graduate student government; inspired to start GeriJoy by home-bound grandmother who developed depression & dementia; nationally & internationally recognized thought leader in senior care technology.

Shuo Deng, CTO: PhD candidate (MIT CSAIL); research focus in networks + mobile systems; previous experience @ Microsoft & Qualcomm

At the moment we are primarily looking for someone with a strong sales background and preferably significant industry experience in senior care, who also understands product, to serve in essentially a COO role, with more of a focus towards driving revenue/business growth. Also helpful would be marketing/PR, full stack web development/design, 3D game/app development/design, and also grant writing and coordination of ongoing clinical and academic research.