vidar daniels

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Co Owner at Studio Vi.Amsterdam | Co Founder at Meshed
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Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

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About vidar

With more than 12 years experience in digital media, design and user experience, I am the Co-Owner of digital agency Studio Vi.Amsterdam and I recently Co-Founded Meshed.

As a creative, strategic and business-driven person, I collaboratively work with brands and organisations to conceive innovative ideas and solutions. My goal is always to go above and beyond and to build long-lasting business relationships.

About Meshed:

Meshed is a mobile networking application that aims to make every moment an opportunity: by helping people to connect locally and informally, Meshed enables anyone and everyone to build professional relationships much more easily.

About Studio Vi.Amsterdam:

At Vi Amsterdam, we create thoughtful, simple and effective digital solutions. We mainly focus on User Experience design, development and traffic strategy. By actively listening to the wishes of our clients and working closely with them, we are able to identify opportunities and produce purposeful insights in order to expand their business' offering and visibility.

Through a consultation process, we align your brand with your organisation’s purpose. This gives your employees and customers a unique and compelling reason to choose you over your competitors.

Digital design and product development:
We focus on the creative and technical realisation of all UX design, UI design, and mobile app development. We think through a design and technology lens, incorporating ingenuity and excellence into everything we do.

Web traffic & optimisation:
Launching a website or app doesn’t automatically translate into traffic. For this reason, we see web traffic and optimisation as a continuous and holistic journey. From creating a customer user journey that meets your business’ key objectives, to continuously investing in your website through SEO and SEA, we provide a comprehensive service that improves your traffic.

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