Vijay Ramani

Santa Clara, California, US

Vijay's Skills
Product Management

About Vijay

Why you? - We are looking for an early technical cofounder who can provide technical direction, build product as well as a solid technical team. Participate in fund raising. Past experience and track record is great, however, candidates that demonstrate the passion to build beautiful and great technology that can be the backbone for incremental revenue and profits for the company will be entertained. Passion to build products that people actually use, unafraid to try and build atop your technical chops.

Founder - I am currently pursuing MBA at Ivy league school (exec MBA). 10+ years of Solid marketing and business dev skills. Engineering and algorthm background, have not coded for long time, but working on skills. I have lot of VC and angel connections, and the startup is part of a marquee venture initiation program.
Team - 2.5 members : iOS developer and technical advisor, part-time UI/UX ninja and a faculty advisor with excellent pedigree and connections.
Startup - building an ecommerce stack that connects fashion brands and boutiques to high social capital consumers. Many secret sauces that revitalise the supply chain, add value to end customers, generate revenue for us. We have multiple social hooks and gamification enabled social product on mobile is currently prototyped. Can demo to those interested.