Vikalp Kadre

Indore, India

Let's take the face of healthcare to the next level, together
Vikalp's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Vikalp

We are an early startup with exceptional industry potential. The core industries we perform in are eHealth, Big Data, Digital Security, Humanitarian Health and eCommerce.

I am a student at Harbin Institute of Technology, China planning to drop out of school to give a push start to my own venture I have been working on since a year. With exceptional and precise knowledge of Computer Science I am planning to work on the cause I have chosen over traditional education. I believe in humanity and its welfare and most of the things I work are centric on a social cause and welfare.

I am looking for a potential co-founder with or without college education but with an equality of knowledge, creativity and energy that I possess. A potential candidate is expected to be positive, outgoing, energetic and knowledgeable in my industry of work and startup ecosystem around the globe.

If you are the one, drop me a line and I will contact you at the earliest time possible.

Together we can redefine the world full of better possibilities of explicit health facilities for every socio-economic group, opportunities for employment and welfare of animals around the globe.