Vikas's Skills
Business Development

About Vikas

A start-­­up expertise with 10 years of rich experience in the entire gamut of International Business Development & Governance
Recognized for launching new markets in APAC -­­ Thailand, Indonesia, HK, Malaysia / Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya / Asia -­­ Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh .Excelled in developing business from zero to millions -­­ UAE business from 0 to USD 1.5 Million, LATAM –from 0 to 1.8 Million and USA from 0 to 1 million
Gained extensive international exposure by travelling to various countries on business tours – Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, USA, Turkey, Philippines, Indonesia, Oman, Thailand, South Africa and Nigeria
Game changer & strategic business leader with skills in creating business development procedures, service standards and operational policies & guidelines to build profitable enterprises across their various growth curves

I am looking for a sharp product manager to help me design the complete product. Coding experience will be a plus.