vikram sarin

New Delhi, India

Idea-tor, Innovative solution developer, project manager
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About vikram

hello, I am a project manager, have a multitude of experience in communication technology projects and product design. I have a flair for innovative solutions to problems.

I propose the following two models as a business opportunity for stable and safe return on investments :-
1. Travel (Europe,Australia, US)- Co partner a travel based start up catering for tourists from india, mainly from national capital region or other main cities like New Delhi-Pune -Mumbai.

2. Mutual Fund Model- The indian economy is on a positive outlook with boom happening in a new sector of mutual funds which unlike stocks is very less volatile and has expertise of best fund managers in the market. The annual returns safely can be between 10 to 15%.

With the domestic investor in india turning to mutual funds as most promising investment product, the rise in Domestic Investor has added to stability vs purely an FII driven market.

I have a proposal for investors who are looking for very less risk, stable returns over a short period of one year and longer periods.

My investment outlook would guide your hard earned money to generate returns that are safe and add value.

Investors, interested in the above model are most welcome to contact me on