Ville Yli-Knuutila

Helsinki, Finland

Service Designer
Ville's Skills
Business Development
Public Relations
Product Management
User Experience

About Ville

I'm creative, people oriented and other cliches like that. As much I love a good creative session I also like concrete plans, clear results and well defined goals. Call me an idealist, but I believe that creativity and an organized mind can peacefully co-exist in a same head.

My craft is service design. My goal and duty is to design and create services that people feel are designed just for them. Work methods and tools may vary but the goal is always the same.

My competence is in creating and developing ideas, planning and turning vague into something that is easy to understand and tangible. I work with concepts, end-user insights, business models, user interfaces, etc.

I'm NOT a visual/graphic designer, I mostly work with things black and white ;)

First and foremost I'm interested in finding a team / co-founder that feels nice and fun to work with. Since I'm a designer I'm interested in finding people with different view points.

I don't have a idea laying around somewhere but I'm open to pretty much anything. What I don't want to do is to create just another "check in here" app or something like that.

I'm not necessarily interested in ideas that are HUGE, a smaller company/product could be as fun to build as a global behemoth.