vinay iyer

Winnipeg, Canada

CEO and Co-Founder at Dosa: Database of Skilled Agents

About vinay

I built this startup from scratch. My CTO is leaving as he has an incredible job offer from a large company + his baby is due soon.
We have the MVP (web-app only). We have 1000+ users and a commitment to get 10,000.
Active for 60 days and have close to $300 in revenues. This is despite a very low-key launch.

This is a fantastic product and a great idea. If you think you can be a good CTO, please contact me.

Technology used: MEAN stack.
Our first todo: to use Cordova/Ionic to turn this web-app into Android and iOS apps. Then we can go about incorporating new features.

I have some great experience with a couple startups and other businesses.

Work Experience

CEO and Co-Founder

Dosa: Database of Skilled Agents

March 2016 - December 2016