Vincent Tan

Shanghai, China

Vincent's Skills
Product Management

About Vincent

I am a Malaysian holding Electronics Engineering bachelor's degree. Impressed by the ferocity of China’s growth, 4 year ago I decided to come to China for exposure and experience the China’s dynamic business environment.

Inspired by Sharing Economy model, I came out with an idea to start up a company with vision to change a particular industry. Currently I have a friend working along with me on this idea. We religiously believes the model we are working on will revolutionize the industry we are targeting and make significant improvement to people's life.

The model will be an online community so we are now looking for experienced programmer and web developer to work along with us. We already came out with prototype and validated the market. Now we are at the phase of seeking seed fund and core team members.

If you have the skill set in web development, programming, marketing for e-commerce (wechat marketing, weibo and etc), and you want to grow a company from a humble start to a Fortune 500 that change the world, drop me a message here! We could meet up and explore how we can work together on this project.