vincent youmans

Miami Beach, Florida, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About vincent

I am an iPHONE and ANDROID developer, as well as some other Disruptive server technologies. But Its a full time gig and requires that I stay focused on technology. Which is not what I prefer to do, which is working with clients, doing Business Development. I have some ideas for applications and looking for another technical type that does iOS, ANDROID and node.js. Perhaps also do Titanium. Or I want to find some totally Non technical types, that can do some business development, and administration. Again, I have a lot of ideas.

I want to stay focused on the tech development, but I will eventually bring on other tech talent, and transition to Tech management as well as marketing ( which I am very good at).
My back ground is actually industrial Automation, Publishing, Health Care and Military Technology. I mention eHealth as I am currently doing mobile apps for Cardiology projects. My Ideas are for social/recreational, as well as Health.


University of Delaware

International relations, spanish, Electrical Engineering

1990 - 1990


Stanford Venture Lab