Vinicius Puhl

Hangzhou, China

Vinicius's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Vinicius

Well, I'm a brazilian guy, working and also studying in China, with several skills, like I showed on my profile, besides I speak English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. As I have business developer skills, sometimes I feel like I have the right connections, but the " nice idea" it's just missing. I wanna have a partner for my Startup, cause I trully believe in business cooperation and besides, " two heads think better than just one".

My point is like, I really wanna have my own start up, so maybe we could switch some nice ideas, cause I have the right connections, not only in China, but I mean, Brazil and Russia, places that I lived before. The USA market it's also very important to me, so as I don't have so much experience on it, ( I have never been to America), I think having a american business partner, would be really interesting. Like, think about me like, I'm the business man, who could improve your idea, and make it real, I mean, financially and commercially talking. Let's talk, and do business together.

Thanks !