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About Vinod

I hail from a scientific background, and have been working in the development space for over 9 years now. Aside from a few core technology areas, I am extremely well rounded with numerous languages, platforms and environments. Overall I have a very unique background, having studied, worked and lived in 5 different countries in the past 12 years.

I have a couple of ideas that I believe present great opportunity since very few competitors exist, and even the ones that exist are quite dated and not necessarily up to speed with recent developments and mobile/consumer trends in terms of applications.

The markets I am interested in are quite niche, and mainly relate to sports, gambling and the betting industries.

I am primarily looking for people who would be interested in the above mentioned industry spaces, and have a design background. The ideas themselves are well formulated, and some preliminary development work has been carried out. The next step is to refine them and make them in to tangible mockups and prototypes.

I am also open to joining someone else if they are in need of a technical co-founder and interested in starting a dialogue about any ideas they might have. Ideally the goal would be get started in the near future to roll out a prototype followed by obtaining seed funding independently or joining an incubator program either in the US or Europe.


Jacobs University Bremen

B. Sc. Geociences & Astrophysics

2004 - 2004