Vishal Verma

San Francisco, California, US

Security, Mobile, and Network Software Engineering & Management Professional
Vishal's Skills

About Vishal

I love building stuff and tackling challenges. The problems I look forward to solve usually have broad implications - technology for the masses, I like to say. I'd like to build products that common people use, everyday.

I have been involved in network and security systems design/dev for well-known companies. I have managed overseas teams, outsourcing arrangements and professional services projects. My mornings start with a cup of coffee, and code every day. I actively write code, every day.

I'm passionate about open-source software. I have been using Linux exclusively since 2003. I have contributed to open-source projects. I keep building interesting side-projects to keep myself abreast of latest technologies. Won a few hackathons too.

Would love to meet people who have an acute business/technical skills and sense especially in context of application of mobile/web technology in these times.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer


September 2013 - December 2016