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About Visiteus

Visiteus is the first social network of givers, and also the first free advertising solution to promote local busniesses

People and local businesses can create a page on Visiteus for free, gaining fans attention by giving away goods and services worth over 100$, reductions are not allowed ! 
The model «free» offers local businesses a new economic, ethical, and  ecological solution to mass advertising by eliminating junk mail. By promoting environmental awareness, generosity and giving, Visiteus sets a good image and reputation for local businesses.  
Goods and free services attract fans attention, fans then share and recommend these offers and services to friends. All Visiteus members can advertise for free on their own page, and interested consumers can subscribe by leaving comments. They become automatically added to the fans on that page. Every day at 6 pm a «last post wins» prize draw is taken to win the free gifts.  Increasing the number of viewers at a prime time of the day. All winners must collect their prizes directly from the businesses. 
Professionals can subscribe to maintain prime viewing position for their offer within a certain category or area. They are also able to buy email addresses of the visitors that have been interested by their free offers. Likewise people may also pay a modest subscription to recieve free offers daily in an area or category.
As of their first subscription the professionnal receives a "Visiteus" sticker  which is to be placed in their business shop or office window. This promotes the site, and proves that their business is making a concerted effort towards the protection of our planet by eliminating junk mail. Visiteus read "Visit Us" sends out a message for consumers to visit them.


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