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Gabriel Cypriano

Product Manager, Business Developer, Engineer

Vitoria, , Brazil


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Gabriel

I'm co-founder at Songwich, a music startup that offers radio stations that play exactly what your favourite artists listen to on their day-to-day. We've launched a closed beta and are currently collecting feedback.

I've been working full-time on it and my main responsibilities at Songwich have been ideation, business strategy, product management, software architecture and back-end development. I've been awarded a 2-year full-scholarship by the EU to go study Software Engineering in Sweden and in Italy after finishing my CS undergrad studies with the highest grades in class. Moreover, I have worked at Siemens Enterprise Communications at their headquarters in Germany, I'm an ex-musician and I have participated on music tech events.

As the other co-founder had to leave the company I'm looking for 2 people to join as co-founders on a vesting agreement, a designer and a front-end/mobile developer. As it is a small team and there are many different things that need to get done I am looking for people that are versatile (e.g., a designer that can also do marketing and get in touch with artists; a developer that can also contribute with product management). Previous startup experience and experience in the music industry are a huge plus!

Although we'll potentially work remotely early on, mobility is extremely important since the plan is to apply to accelerator programs and move once we get accepted. That will most likely be either in Brazil (most programs sponsor visa for non-citizens) or in Europe.

Managing People
Product Management