vivek nambiar

Mountain View, California, US

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Product Management

About vivek

I've built a game changing mobile application. I've invested my sweat,time and entire savings into this project to find the perfect product-market fit after a zillion iterations over the past 1.5 years. Finally the product will come to life in the next few weeks and I'm looking for a co-founder to join me on this amazing journey ahead.

I have a brilliant marketing plan and the chances of failure are next to nil. Nevertheless, I have a more strong engineering background and want someone who can execute the marketing plan and add their own creativity.I'm not the best sales guy.

An ideal candidate would be someone young,dynamic and recently graduated from a top tier university like Stanford or Berkeley (but I'm open to others as long as they have a solid proven track record in mobile app marketing).

He/she should have a MBA or similar background and should have excellent communication/interpersonal skills (preferably with some experience pitching to investors or similar). The beauty about this whole arrangement is that I don't expect a penny , just sweat equity.So you can do this without leaving your day job and yet have the chance to strike gold with this product, which you will go crazy about once you learn about. I need someone who can sell .....Sell the hell out of a solid anyone and everyone....

I have the next big product....Let's make the next big company!!