vivek sangeet

Mumbai, India

founder & ceo @Biovape,
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About vivek

Curiosity is one word that defines me. I'll highlight 2 good and 2 bad things about me.

The good things:
1. Result or Impact-oriented thinking: Because of my great level of attention to detail. I end up thinking of multiple scenarios while trying to fix a problem or find a solution to one. This enables me to foresee the impact of actions being taken.
2. Commitment: I'm committed to my work and profession, to the extent that I can easily spend 13 to 16 hrs. working daily and have 100hr. work weeks sometimes. I expect my partner to have similar commitment.

The bad things:
1. Attention to detail: Sometimes, I end up spending much more time on a particular task than the deserved
2. Over-committing: I over commit things with people I deal with, and with myself and end up not completing some of them. I'm trying to improve on this everyday.

What I'm looking for in my co-founder:

1. I expect my partner to be 100% committed towards work and connect with the business we are trying to do. This is a bare minimum.
2. I'm flexible in my potential partner's forte: Realty, Sales, Marketing, IT/Tech, etc. The idea is to have a partner who is passionate enough to take the business forward and potentially expand into multiple cities individually.
3. Must be proactive - in giving suggestions or doing stuff that takes the business forward on her/his own. Must pro-actively handle and innovate the tasks or business functions they are responsible for.


"If you’re not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business.” - Ray Kroc