Vivian (Minjeong) Kang

San Francisco, California, US

Vivian (Minjeong)'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Vivian (Minjeong)

Hi, I am a passionate leader and supporter of a dynamic start-up team that provides meaningful innovations to consumer lives, particularly in the peer-to-peer marketplace, real estate and consumer finance. I am also open to other interesting areas.

I co-founded a successful real estate investment firm, while concurrently serving as a professor in retail merchandising at a large University. As a founding member of the firm, I made significant improvements to the properties, operations, as well as continually increased cash flows by approximately 50% over 3 years. I developed solutions to key pain points throughout the growth of the business. I hold a Ph.D. degree in marketing and consumer behavior from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Previously, I worked in the extremely fast-paced and innovative fashion industry as a fashion designer. These diverse experiences and achievements in real estate, higher education, and the fashion industry helped me hone key skills necessary to succeed in the start-up environments, including but not limited to delivering delightful customer experiences, solving unexpected problems, managing extreme time pressures, providing creative designs, effectively communicating with diverse customers, and being detail-oriented.

I have a strong passion, laser focus and right talent to start and grow a new firm that can revolutionize an existing industry. I am actively searching the right technical partners or to join an interesting start up team for an important journey. Ideally, I'm also looking for others who have similarly enthusiastic personalities and great sense of humor. If you believe we could create the best synergy, please contact me. Thank you!

Work Experience

Co-Founder & COO

E&K Capital, LLC

December 2012 - August 2017

Co-Founder & CEO


June 2017 - Today


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

M.S. & Ph.D., Marketing & Consumer Behavior

2004 - 2009