Vivian Sampson

Oracle, Arizona, US

Vivian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Vivian

I currently own a small marketing firm and want to expand into other industries. I'm a closet geek and techy who loves apps. I have an idea of starting a mobile app company. I have no knowledge of how to create an app but have been shopping different avenues so that I can learn the basics of creating one.

I am looking for an advisor so I can set up the mobile app company. The company will 1) design new apps, 2) purchase exhisting apps that have either not been marketed or not marketed well and 3) find other people who want to develop apps to join in business partnerships.

I would like someone with app/software development, tech business startup and product management experience. Someone who can give direction as well as knowledgable critisim when necessary. This person doesn't need to be 100% hands on but I would like someone who can give teach me, possibily have weekly (or bi-weekly) meetings and if viable to both possibily a partnership.