Vlad Enache


Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Hi, I'm a founder at Ignite, a DC startup based out of 1776.

Have you ever had a fun idea for something to do over the weekend? Maybe brunch with friends, or a trip to the beach, but weren't sure who's really up for it?

What I end up doing is mass texting... mass emailing... going back and forth and at the end of it I'm not even sure what's happening.

Enter Ignite -- a mobile app that helps make get togethers happen. It allows you to easily pitch your ideas, and others can follow them. If you get enough traction, you can make them happen. Similarly within those ideas you can follow the best time, best location, or who's bringing the beer. You also get a feed of what everyone else is up for, such as your buddy wanting to grab drinks tonight, or play soccer next week, or a fellow entrepreneur wanting to practice pitching and needing 4-5 others to do so with. That's Ignite. We have an iOS version developed already, currently in beta, and Android version should also be available in October.

I've been working full time / bootstrapping this venture since May 2013. I've had to pivot a few times but it's been a great learning process. There are a few other contractors and friends helping with various sides of the business such as marketing, branding, design, QA, and infrastructure management. I'm looking for talent to join my team in exchange for equity as well as for great advisers I could learn from. In particular, looking for people to help out with community development, social media marketing, mobile development as well as fund raising.


George Mason University

Computer Science

2002 - 2002