New York, New York, US

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Product Management

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I'm Comp Sci / Applied Mathematician who is working on a big "health" data app. I'm seeking a Javascript ninja to code the non-mathematical components of this project, which are built in python/sci-py/pymc. In return, I will provide an equity stake and some cash initially.
My primary motivation for seeking a technical co-founder is that the A.I. components of this project are exhaustive and my time to market would be crippled were I to code the entire app by myself. Additionally, I enjoy working with other coders, I love the innovation that occurs when technical people collaborate.
From the javascript standpoint it's simply jquery, parse, and parse cloud-code. It's agile development all the way. I will also provide the data model in advance. I'm looking to execute a subset of the MVP and private beta that. This project is currently at an accelerator based in NYC, so ideally I need someone local. More information about this project can be found at healthmatica.com.