Wael Altorabi

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

CEO at Qewam | Angel investor | Startup Advisor | 3x Exits/9x Founder
Wael's Skills
Product Management
Business Development
Public Relations

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Wael

Highly professional, experienced, passionate, and result-driven with +9 years of experience in different fields. I focus on management, development, evaluation, and setting strategic goals. Throughout my career, I have always been driven by my intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most pressing questions. I believe work ethic is a talent and I believe there is a smart way to work hard that is far more important. Passion, focus, curiosity, steadfastness, and intensity are some of the key characteristics that have enabled me to achieve success in every field.

I am very passionate about sales and marketing especially the changes that have occurred over the past years and how companies can embrace those changes to get to the next level. It is my job to understand the growth objectives and issues that a company is facing and identify ways to solve those problems. Where there is a fit, I prove my abilities and skills regarding sales and marketing as well.

My core competencies:
✓ Business development
✓ Sales and marketing
✓ Social media marketing
✓ Marketing strategy
✓ Creative mind
✓ Program management
✓ Analytic skills

Within my companies, you’ll find everyone compelled by the same goal to be the best at what they do because our aim is to provide the best services


You Can Keep What You Give Away Because The Only thing You Leave Behind When Your Gone is Your Legacy - Wael M. ALTORABI