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Need Founding invest To Build Up New Venture

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Hello Founders/Angel Investor

let me introduce my self first, My Names Rosdiyanto, Wahyu, im 33 years old, i come from Indonesia, South East Asian, im hard worker, fast learning, and very loyal, beside that, i have experience 4 years ( Chief Administration), 4 years ( Public Relation and Marketing), and 5 years ( Chief Manager-untill now)

on this good opportunity, im looking any Founder, with big trust, to founding and investment in my countryto build new Venture with Basic Parking Management System,

Now I has experience on Parking Management System with All Administration(Permit, HR, OPs, etc)

there i was research some Venture with parking management Services, so i got data profit Value...

every Venture with Parking System management can earn Minimum Profit 10% (thats Nett Profit) and Max Profit 30%(Depending on Location/Weather/Inflasion)

wel.. if some one have Investment $75000,- can earn Profit $5200,-/Month with a period 60Month (with assuming the assets cost/Capital have been returned /net Profit is taken from the gross profit has been cut Annual costs & initial capital repayments)

Thats Mean $75000; can cover 3 to 5 Site Parking areas (Depending cost QTY of Asset Investement Like Barrier Gate in-out or more)

if you interest my Ideas Just let me know, I was discouraged, because i dont have any the capital to realize the idea, there only, Spirit, Courage, Hard Work with 24/7, your Help and The God Will can be realized it.

So, I hope my Ideas can be one of yours asset and i can realize your desire to build New Venture on my country. Thank you for your consideration and attention. please feel free to contact me at wahyurosdi[at]gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon


Rosdiyanto Wahyu
+62815 4934 4369
PS: im Very interesting to drive small Venture on bussiness parking management, if you're founder with big trusted, just call me please ASAP.

and last, so sorry with my English Language so bad


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