Wai Seng Yau

Seattle, Washington, US

Wai Seng's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Wai Seng

I founded and operated a consumer products company, for 8 years. Now I started another Seattle-based company called Kajagoods. We developed an exciting brand new way for both vendors and retailers to discover, buy/sell and merchandise goods. Kajagoods is building a national buying group of top-quality boutique brands of wearable goods for babies, kids and their moms. Our mission is to get our customers to quickly turn their inventory, sell more products and improve their cash flow. Kajagoods desires to empower our employees to set their sights high and deliver exceptional service to customers.

Kajagoods is seeking a co-founder in charge of sales to recruit area Client Relations Managers to build and develop partnerships with specialty independent retailers to present and expand Kajagoods offerings, strategic relationships, and other revenue related opportunities. The ideal candidate is an experienced sales professional, motivated, and enjoys working one-on-one with specialty independent clothing boutique stores. The candidate is enthusiastic, outgoing and thrives in an entrepreneurial commissioned sales environment. If you share our love for the customers we serve, the merchandise we sell and the work we do, this is a place for you to build a very rewarding career with unlimited earnings potential.