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My name is Walid Mamdouh Mohammed I am Currently a freash graduate student from CCP , SSP Faculty of engineering since june 2014. Actually i love computers and Technology in General , But Playing with hardware components to create and Invent new Devices is One of the BEST thing that entertains me in this WHOLE WORLD.

I have started with My friend MOHAMMED FOUAD Our Startup Company Called CrocoBite in 2011 , Providing Web and Media Services.

I am going to graduate from collge in June 2014 , I love my college because I have learned alot of things from it and i have understaned and experianced things i would never ever meet in any where.

I love reading Specially Self Development and Psychological Books.My faivorit sports is Squash and Swimming.My only mean of transport is my Lovely BICYCLE :D .

I love my Country Egypt and I am willing to serve it till the end of my life.

To know all about me go to http://www.walid.link