Wallace Wilson

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Wallace's Skills
Product Management

About Wallace

Along with brother, I'm the cofounder of an early stage startup Automodal. What we do is offer a unique (patent pending) system to purchase/lease a new car, completely online. It is time saving and always gets the best deal available. We have started beta testing, and proved our concept. Now we seek more early adopters, so we can instruct our programmer on how we want the system automated and scaled up (Our current site is just a landing page). What we seek in a cofounder, is a person/team with experience in digital marketing (SEO, SMM etc)

My brother has previous small business/franchise experience and I have over 10 years accounting experience, but this is our first true startup. Our core team also includes a web developer and business lawyer. After extensive consultations with car dealership consultants/owners we are convinced the market for this service is truly large. So we are very excited to make the best of this opportunity.
What we seek in the ideal cofounder/team is someone with preferably prior startup experience, knowledge of lean startup principles, great networking contacts throughout the startup community with matching enthusiasm and persistence.