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I own a business which at one point was doing over $2M in sales. I even took it public (Bulletin Board) with the idea of consolidating other companies in the space. Then came 2008 and the business and plans took a hit. I was forced to find other sources of income so I sold the business entity, retained the operations but moved on to something else. I've held on to the operation for a few years and make a little income on the side from it. Now, however, with the economy more stable, I do believe that a number of opportunities which I was pursuing back then are once again viable. Fortunately/unfortunately, I am fully involved with a number of other ventures and cannot dedicate the time it would require to rebuild this business. I'm looking for someone to come in as a partner, use all of the infrastructure and business plans that already exist and simply go right to work growing sales. If you're creative, ambitious and good at sales this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an entrepreneur with the all upside of a potential startup but without the hassles of building an idea from scratch. The business revolves around a single product (multiple sku's) which I manufacture and import from overseas. The product relates to a number of industries, and it sells to retailers, direct to consumer and to government.