Walsh Costigan

New York, New York, US

Walsh's Skills
Business Development

About Walsh

Startup for language immersion

I am building a functioning prototype in Ruby on Rails, and will release this summer. During college, I ran a mutli-year proof-of-concept and I am ready to release on a larger scale.

I currently work for another startup where I was the first (and still the best) sales person. We have had 500% growth year over year. My specialization is the business side.

I am looking for/need the compliment of me - someone with skills in front-end development(fullstack developer would be preferable, but not required) and DESIGN. I need someone who can especially help with the design and the visual branding.

I will keep programming in the beginning, but the goal is to transition to concentrating full time on growing the business (CEO type contributions), leaving my cofounder to be CTO.

It's required that you are in NYC so we can meet in person. Please message me if you'd like to meet up and discuss what I'm working on, and see if it's a good fit.