Walt Cotton

Denver, Colorado, US

Walt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Walt

Looking for a technical individual experienced with programming/design and web-site creation and more than minimally familiar with psychology. The business is a successful 40year old 'paper-and-pencil' application needing technical conversion to the web, and following that the services of a financial person will be enlisted, and then the talents of a design/marketing person.

Each of these stages have per-designed thresholds and will be aggressively pursued.

The business/application is in the realm of some of larger businesses on the web and has as its backbone more favourable statistics than the current offerings.

Although 'we' can function/survive right-along-side the current range of competitors we expect over time to pull 'at least' our share of the market place. Since our current 'paper-and-pencil' application has pulled better statistics than the current 5&10 year old web offerings.


Washburn U

Bachelor of Arts

1967 - 1967

Menninger Fdn

Master of Arts

1969 - 1969

SUNY Binghamton

Masters of Science, Systems Engineering

1972 - 1972