Walter deMilly

Key West, Florida, US

Serial Entrepreneur
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About Walter

After I finished college with a B.A. in psychology, the first business I launched was called Great Seas, and we built shadow-box decorative wall pieces using sea shells.

From there I move sideways, and got involved in real estate. By the time I was 32 I had done over $500 million in deals, including the startup of a REIT which owned over a hundred self-storage facilities.

I took a break, moved to Key West, and wrote a memoir dealing with child abuse. I ghostwrote a book for a psychologist who had read my story and wanted me to translate a clinical text into a self help book. Both of my books have had multiple printings.

While I was good at writing, it didn't pay well. So I retired from that and have returned to a subject which has inspired and enthralled me since I was a little boy: the sea.

I want to start a business which is somewhere in the flow between collecting plastics from our oceans, and selling products to consumers.

There are a number of successful companies selling products from recycled ocean plastics, but I know there's room for more. The ocean is huge and there are tons to collect. I have some specific ideas, ranging from technical/mechanical designs to online retailing.

I'd like to find a partner who is both passionate about cleaning plastics from the sea, and a born marketer, knowledgeable about the latest trends in internet marketing, and interested in building a team to make it all happen. Please let me know if you're interested in a discussion about this.


The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. - Leonardo da Vinci


Emory University

BA in Psychology

1971 - 1974

Florida State University

Some masters degree work in business.

1981 - 1982