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I am currently developing an on-demand home service app for Spain that is very similar to (start-up in the USA). I have been working on it non-stop for 5 months now and will be launching the mobile app in January 2018.

I am myself a graduate in Business Administration but also have strong software development skills. Currently living in Madrid, Spain.

I am looking for a co-founder who likes the idea and is willing to commit 100% of his/ her time into the idea. I am doing everything what is related to the development (front-end / back-end / design) on my own. A co-founder with financial and start-up knowledge would be a nice plus.

Please, if you are interested do not hesitate and send me an email at:

or even better, write me a LinkedIn message:


Universit├Ąt Bayreuth - Germany

Bachelors of Business Administration with focus in Finance

2012 - 2016

Ironhack Coding Bootcamp Miami

Full-Stack Mobile and Web Development

2017 - 2017

Co-working Space

The Shed, Madrid

2017 - Today