Bucharest, Romania

warmpanda's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About warmpanda

I have a few projects that are close to what you'd call a prototype.
I have experience building web applications, and software in general.
I've worked for 4 years at dayjobs and 4 years as a freelancer in
the IT industry. I'm currently working as a freelancer.
That's the experience and expertise that I bring to the table.

What I do need is someone to help me with fundraising and finance
(they don't teach that at Univ. of Bucharest Math and Computer science).

I am willing to discuss prototypes and business ideas and talk about them.
If you see my profile and you're interested in discussing this further, feel
free to contact me.


University of Bucharest

Double Major in Mathematics and Computer Science

2011 - 2011