Thomas Montier , Intern

Washington, D.C., , US

Thomas is looking for an internship

About Thomas

Can commit to working

25 hours per week

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From 12/01/2014 to 06/25/2015


Will consider an unpaid internship

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My interest in the world of entrepreneurship is relatively new, it is the result of a discovery three months ago when I arrived in the US. Following some online classes and conferences provide me yet some basic knowledge and general skills about the startup environment.
I am a person who has a strong willing to learn from others, which leads me to progress very quickly.
As part of my personality, I’m perfectly willing to adhere to rules and regulations on a startup framwork. I’m flexible function of my environment. I’m able to make appropriate decisions and remain stable under pressure. As a determined and organized person, I enjoy working painstakingly and efficiently. I try to be at once thoughtful with people I meet, and levelheaded in projects I undertake. While working I’m both autonomous and approachable. But I would above all describe myself as a team player, open-minded and friendly person. I like to be honest and frank with people I rub shoulders with.
I’m perfectly able to read, understand and communicate in English.
I have the willingness to learn and the right work ethic to realize such a startup experience!

I’m a trustworthy and likeable person, I love exchange views with people I meet, even though I'm not particularly extrovert and of a talkative nature. I am very attached to listening to others and being receptive to news ideas.
As studying political and social sciences, I enjoy debates and exchanges of ideas, in political or economic fields as well as in philosophy, science or foreign cultures. I’m also very interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.

I am very found of sport. I play rugby with passion for many years; I practice triathlon more recently, having also practiced swimming, biking, and tennis. I'm also found of sailing. I recently undertook a seafaring trip, I sailed for 10 days on Iroise Sea and Bay of Biscay (France) with two other friends.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I like to take initiatives and organize projects with people who are important to me. I had such a habit when I was in high school to organize regular rugby games between students.
This enterprising aspect of my personality confers me an even bigger desire to travel and organize projects with friends. For instance I’m accustomed to travel abroad through hitchhiking. I have already made hitchhiking trips in Italy, Germany and France.
During the 2013 Summer, I went to buy an old car with two friends in Hungary. We repaired it and then undertook a journey of 3000km to return to France with it, crossing part of the Balkan and Southern Europe. It was an amazing experience, full of memories and wonderful meetings.
This is precisely this aspect of my personality that encourages me to search for an startup experience.


About Thomas

Originally student à Sciences Po, in Paris, France, I am currently an exchange student at University of Maryland, Washington DC, for a period of one year. With plenty of free time, I'm looking for an experience that will allow me to discover an environment that I aspire to better understand, namely entrepreneurship and startup.
Thus, a startup experience allow me to both certainly improve my skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship, while satisfying my desire for being involved in a concrete project during this year. What I am looking first and foremost, it's an involvement in a project, which will allow me to gain experience. Indeed I aspire to discover how a startup works from the inside, in order to launch in this adventure later.

I also appreciate the human contact and meet people with whom I share common interests and passions. I think that entrepreneurship is a school of life, in the sense that this adventure teaches me a lot about myself and human relationships more broadly. This is another reason why I am very interested to engage me in a startup, and work on a project that interests me and fit me.


Sciences Po Paris

Bachelor of Arts - Economics & Political Science

2015 - 2015

Sciences Po Paris

Master - Finance & Strategy

2017 - 2017

University of Maryland

Finance, Managerial Economics & Strategy, Entrepreneurship

2015 - 2015