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About Carlos

Launched "MVP" of emerging markets investor content aggregator last month, With a contract designer/developer that I've worked with before, built the initial platform in php/expression engine. In some ways inspired by huff post (aggregation), others by linked in (revenue model), lonely planet (look and feel) and trip advisor & wikipedia (community-led content generation). Trying to bring a more comprehensive, intuitive and free knowledge-sharing solution to both institutional and retail investors across emerging markets, to demystify the perceived risks, facilitate networking and enable investors to expand their exposure to new asset classes (or to EM for the first time). Need a skilled developer who can rebuild the site in whatever language makes most sense. Willing to offer essentially a blank canvas and allow someone to bring their own creativity and ideas to my central concept. I love finding the best ways to do things whether they were my ideas or not! Looking for a true partner but one who doesn't overlap with my content expertise and instead can lead on technical decisions (but is willing to collaborate with me on big picture UI/UX decisions).

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