Merritt Baer , Adviser

Business Development, Fundraising, Legal, Operations, Strategy

Washington, D.C., , US

Merritt is looking to advise a startup

About Merritt

Adviser experience

Engaged in advising 8 businesses over 2 years

Startup experience

2 startups founded , 2 startups operated , 2 years operating startups

Relevant industries

Technology Consulting Legal Services


Business Development Fundraising Legal Operations Strategy

Key accomplishments

I'm young and energetic. I've contributed to a number of successful start-ups in whatever way the company requires.


About Merritt

I provide business strategy to technology companies.

I am a double Harvard graduate with experience in all three branches of government and a leader in Internet policy. I'm a lawyer who understands tech, a techie who knows how to grow a business, an entrepreneur who will help you navigate the steps of growth, to build intelligent products and protect your IP.

I work on an hourly or monthly rate.


Harvard Law School


2010 - 2010

harvard college


2006 - 2006


New York Bar Association