Wasim Juned

London, United Kingdom

Wasim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Wasim

I've been working on internet apps since before Netscape (yes, that long ago!). Full stack developer with experience from the network layer through to running tech startups and technology businesses.

Founded several startups, done various contracting gigs.
Enjoy mentoring (tech and/or business) and working on new/interesting projects/startups.

Here's some of the more dev stuff that I do:

- iPhone and iPad apps using Objective-C, iOS
- Android apps using Java
- Web apps using Ruby on Rails and PHP-based systems such as WordPress / CodeIgniter / Drupal with HTML5 and more front-end solutions such as Ember.js and AngularJS;

Currently excited about:
- machine learning (especially deep learning and neural networks)
- usability (not just where a button should be but deep usability issues that almost all computing devices and applications suffer from)
- mobile health / payments / advertising