Wayne Baker

Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Wayne's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Wayne

I have begun the future of business and the way employees will hold themselves accountable to every employer and every employer will hold themselves accountable to employee, it will change everything about the way we all do business, there is nothing like it and the market share is in the billions. You will never see your job as just a 'job' anymore my website gives your job meaning no matter what you do to earn a living. I don't have enough space here but I would love to speak with sharp minds that can stay focused on the project and offer ideas that will enhance the vision, it is an incredible opportunity for, investors, visionary's, developers, ect. I have laid the ground work and I am moving forward and would love to have a partner or co-founder to share my vision with. I am on all social media sites and we are currently on Fundable.com my phone number is 941-735-9170 leave a message with who you are and how you can be a part of my vision and I will gladly return your call. Thank You Wayne Baker