Wayne Gathright

Austin, Texas, US

Wayne's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Wayne

I am experienced in several programming languages and Internet marketing. My field of expertise is in real estate software, landlording, and property management. I am a serial entrepreneur and dedicated to success.

My current real estate software business is successful with over 5,000 customers, and now I am starting an innovative new business that helps tenants with issues such as finding a great rental home or apartment, dealing effectively with landlords, providing answers and assistance for legal issues, and more. This business taps into a multi billion dollar industry of over 118 million tenants, and I intend to become the leader in this field.

For this startup company I have already completed an innovative app that helps Tenants find a rental and roommate in their preferred area. This is not like all the other rental home finders - it is unique, time saving, and effective. The website is already fully functional, and I own the perfect category killer domain name for this venture - Tenants.com. I just need to complete the right team including finance and marketing experts and experienced startup professionals.

I'd like to find a good team to work with or possibly form partnerships with compatible startups. You need to have experience with startups, Internet marketing, sales, and real estate experience would be a valuable asset. I am motivated and ready to take this company to the top. If you qualify, please contact me soon, because I am close to being ready to launch. If you are in or near Austin Texas, that would be even better!


University of Houston Victoria

Music Theory & Composition

1976 - 1976