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Location-based social network has been considered next Facebook or Twitter back in 2007 and 2008. Several years past, we didn't see any product that could be called a successful product. Foursquare is a good example: number of registered users is still increasing, but never reached a threshold that triggers accelerating increase. A few others either terminated their service or were incorporated into other services.

The main reason, I think, why location-based social network hasn't succeeded was due to the focus of the product. Most products focus on introducing local people to know each other, or at least consider it a core function. This is wrong. Only a fraction of people are interested in talking to a stranger around them. Even after they knew each other, they tend to use other services to continue their communication. It will not lead to large number of active users. Encouraging users to create event and invite local people to attend brings more user activities on the service. But still, the needs for this service are not strong enough to attract large quantity of users and keep them using or coming back frequently. check-ins didn't become popular enough either.

My view is that location-based social network should focus on information sharing. It should focus on any information that is more relevant to people around the site and not so much interesting for friends who live far away from you. This will create a service that help people share information that social networks based on interest or friends such as Facebook and Twitter aren't cable of handling because it's only interesting to local people. From this perspective, I figured out a way for users to share local information and connected via information of common interest. I've seen this trend in the features of some apps and I've seen the change. I believe I found a better way serve the needs. I look forward to seeing geniuses of any kind (selling, programing, managing …) who are interested in it and eager to create their own successful stories. We can talk about details when we sit together. I look for an advisor too. Thanks for your reading.


University of Texas at Dallas


2014 - 2014