Wendy Brisley Ed. D.

Alexandria, Virginia, US

Executive Director M3Linked
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Open to networking with people holding these skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Wendy

My entrepreneurial spirit began years ago and continues today. It started when I was very young . My father ran a print shop. Yes, the old press where you had to use metal plates. He did this to bring in extra income. He would print letterhead, business cards, and informational books for local businesses. He had all of us, his children, help out in some way. He taught me many lessons about owning your own business and how to get and grow your business.

My mother. She was an entrepreneur for a while and then moved into being a store manager for a local company in the Buffalo area. She moved up the ladder into the district manager position. I learned through her the ins and outs of the business from set up to financial goal setting. She had vision and she would share with me how to see things differently to stand out in your business.

As I pursued my own interest, in the field of education. I turned the background my parents had instilled in me and my passion to help others, towards developing programs. Throughout, my career I have taken this entrepreneurial spirit and put it into curriculum design and building sound programming. I have been fortunate to present at seminars and add to my list of accomplishments, published author.
To this day, I believe that in establishing relationships to leverage organizational resources for the success of those I work with. I help companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, startups, and other business minded people cultivate connections to help them grow and succeed in a ever changing world. I am able to do this through, M3Linked. M3Linked has given me the platform to leverage this type of relationship building to help others succeed.

What is m3Linked?

M3Linked is a fellowship that allows like-minded people a chance to help each other, share perspectives, and attitudes. The energetic atmosphere is without expectations, concentrating on the exchange of ideas & information.


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