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I always wanted to be a entrepreneur when I was a young. Throughout the last few years, I have exposed myself to different aspects of running a successful business. I graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in accounting. I also obtained my my CPA, CMA designation. I started off doing basic bookkeeping, and slowly moving my way up to financial reporting, financial analysis, financing, forecasting and overseeing merger/acquisition projects. Working in small businesses have also exposed me to the sales and marketing division, as well as the product development life cycle. Now, I have a very good idea on how to set business goals and draft a plan to get there. In fact, I have started my own accounting firm - AgileCPA Professional Corporation - that is targeted towards startups. Here is my website: www.agilecpa.ca

My next project is to develop a product for start up businesses, and am looking for partner who has technical background to help me architect and build. Someone who has knowledge on user interface and user experience would be an asset as well. I will take care of operations, particularly sales + marketing and accounting + finances.

Please give me a shout if you are interested in hearing more about my project!