Wes Boudville

Los Angeles, California, US

Wes's Skills
Product Management

About Wes

I have 8 US patents pending and 2 international patents pending on interactive barcodes.
A prototype was built of the 1st invention in 20 hours and cost $1800. The invention can be run at alterbarcode.com. Bring it up in a desktop browser. Use a cellphone with a camera and take a photo of the QR barcode. The phone needs software to decode the barcode and bring up a browser in the phone and launch it with the decoded URL. The desktop browser will change to a simulated retail product catalog. The web page on the phone has buttons to let you traverse the catalog, without being able to touch the desktop webpages.

Now imagine the desktop screen in a shop window, facing the street. A pedestrian with a cellphone can search the shop's entire catalog. This works for any type of retailer.

Business applications are interactive shop windows, electronic billboards, and selling movie trailer tickets. Markets are global. There is very little existing competition in those areas. The inventions use existing off the shelf hardware. The inventions are "elegant" in the scientific sense - simplest solution. Minimum hardware. Competing methods (Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, image recognition ...) all use extra hardware; more costly, more error prone.

The US PTO examined the 2nd patent pending. The Korean PTO examined the 1st international patent pending. I am highly confident of getting both as patents. Very little (or no) related art was found by the examiners.

I have been doing this startup full time since April 2011.

Looking for (ideally) someone who can invest capital and has connections at management level in one or more of retail, billboards or movie theatres. You don't need a computing or engineering background. But you should have prior management experience, along with those industry connetions.