Wes Goldstein

San Francisco, California, US

Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor
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Founded 2+ startups

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About Wes

I have recently started Judex, a company that has developed a machine learning platform that we feel confident can better assess deception (as well as emotional health and mental health) by analyzing speech in a highly structured and standardized interview process. We are focusing on both enterprise and government applications and believe that our platform can integrate well with existing processes to dramatically reduce fraud and deception across many applications and use-cases.

I am looking for a technical co-founder who can help build the UI/UX and integrate the machine learning stack (which is mostly developed) and database services into a unified platform.

I have helped launch two companies (Above Data and EnerNet Global) and two venture capital funds (Energy Impact Partners and Mobility Impact Partners), the first of which is currently investing out of a $681mm fund one. Prior to this I co-managed a global advisory services firm. After undergrad I moved to Lesotho to study social and economic impact of apartheid on sub-saharan economies.