Wesley Cramblitt

Mobile, Alabama, US

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About Wesley

Hey guys, I'm currently the CoFounder of MDAD llc., a Mississippi based company that provides a database website for lawyers. The Founder and I created the company from scratch with no financial gains until we started receiving customers. Now, I barely spend 5 hours a week working on the site. I know what it takes to build a successful start up on the technical side.
I would love to start another company for making mobile apps, games, or websites. I have a few ideas on the back burner already. Starting this on my own would be a pain. I want to assemble a team of talented individuals to share ideas and work together. I need the following:
*A few people with artistic backgrounds. 3d Modeling and Animation skills.
*Someone or a few people with great social skills and experience with marketing.
*I'm willing to take on another programmer as well, but that is optional as I feel I can handle most of the code at first.
*If you think that you could contribute to such a business, contact me and convince me.

One thing I think you will find rare is that I plan to make everyone partners of the company with equal equity (Unless you are against that). I also would want everyone to have relatively equal decisive power with the company; Meaning that everyone together would make hiring decisions, technical decisions, etc.. I enjoy working with a team that is close knit and know how to have fun with their work.