Wesley Hsu

San Diego, California, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Wesley

Swingby is any restaurant delivered. A vast majority of restaurants do not do delivery, particularly in San Diego. We deliver food from any restaurant that has take-out. Our vision is to create a vast community of crowdsourced drivers throughout the city that can be summoned with any phone that can text, whether you’re a restaurant or a customer. We want to enable people to expand their food delivery options to the entire city, and empower local restaurants to reach a far wider clientele at little to no cost.

I’m Wesley Hsu, the Co-Founder and CEO.  My background is in front-end development and UI/UX design.  So I can speak and write code, but my passion is in design and creating great user experiences (site and branding was all done by me).  I also love food.  I started Swingby just half a year ago delivering take-out to friends and coworkers, but I’d always envisioned it being something that could fundamentally change the food delivery industry.  We now have hundreds of real customers in a limited area, having only spent a couple hundred bucks on marketing since launch.  Our plan is to significantly increase our capacity by automating most of our dispatch system so we can scale up to cover most of San Diego by the end of the year and bring users up to the several thousands.  That’s where you come in!

I’m looking for someone I can sit down and pair-program with. While I handle all the pretty user-facing front-end (HTML/CSS/JS), you’d handle all the infrastructural magic that happens behind the scenes (Python/Ruby/PHP/node/etc/whatever you decide is appropriate). I’ve made all of the wireframes and design comps for the dispatcher dashboard and driver-facing app already. I want to work with the developer to make this a reality. In addition to needing to build a back-end infrastructure to streamline and automate our dispatch system, there are also some truly fascinating computer science problems to tackle. Specifically, natural language parsing (text messages) and delivery route optimization (i.e. the Traveling Salesman problem). I’m thinking Twilio for handling texts, but you’re welcome to advise otherwise. The ideal candidate is not just a strong developer, but is genuinely fascinated by solving computer science problems. They are—through and through—a tinkerer.

Here's the full job description: http://swingbyfood.com/career/WebMobileAppDeveloper.pdf


University of California, San Diego

BS Cognitive Science

2014 - 2014