Wesley Roach

Melbourne, Australia

Wesley's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Wesley

maxmyrate is a new financial services business that seeks to simplify the market for term deposit customers.
Our business model seeks to simplify the process of finding the best and most appropriate rates by enabling customers to run a reverse auction in which term deposit suppliers bid for their deposit. Customers can select their existing institution for reference and request a matching rate.

There are two co-founders, myself responsible for finance, risk and compliance and my partner David whom is responsible for customer including web page design, product and marketing.

We need a tech co-founder to assist us with coding for the application and database layers as well as integration with the web layer which Dave has designed.

The the co-founder will be responsible for decision making of technology related activities such as dev, technology architecture, code base, data modelling support and maintenance.

We are about to go live with our public launch so check us out at maxmyrate.com.au