Wesley Seward

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Wesley's Skills
Product Management

About Wesley

Coming from a strong background in Enterprise Software Development Consulting as a lead, manager, or architect I am extremely solid in process, leadership, and the technical nitty gritty of running a development department and taking an idea through to market. I have a knack for selling and consider myself good with people which was rare in the technical arena. However, I am weaker in finance, and other aspects that someone from a business focused background would be strong in. Experience working with legal, or experience I regularly come up with business ideas, and am looking for someone to help secure funding and build a company from one of these from the ground up. I would also need someone with enough experience to properly critique the business plan i have been drafting for company built around a brand new platform I have been designing this both B2B and B2C. I can run 90% of the company on my own at first and can get connections to finance and incubators. Looking for that missing link that can act as a CFO on our behalf, preferably from a tech background as it would make it easier to understand what we are doing, as well as software is a different world than other industries by nature. Being highly technical is not required however. Looking for someone honest, bright, direct, creative, and charismatic with passion for disruptive, big, industry changing initiatives who really wants to make a difference not only in tech but perhaps in the rest of the world as well.